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Transparency - Ethan Stone, Sara York I wanted to like it. I really did. The plot idea, a trans man falling for a guy and having to decide if pursuing a relationship is worth the risk of rejection, is solid and I was excited to see what the authors would do with it. Unfortunately, the writing was so poor that it barely registered as a story. It was more like the description of a story, explained by someone who has only recently begun to master English and wants to use their whole vocabulary. (If that's actually the case please disregard the rest of this review.)

I wanted to feel the characters, but they were too much one dimensional stereotypes to elicit any empathy or caring. The dialog was ridiculously stilted and sort of bizarre. Not one word of it sounded real or honest. The requisite friends/enemies/trolls who hate transgender people because reasons are the worst, but every character sounds like a parody of what somebody thinks something they've never experienced might sound like.

Which is a shame, because I got the feeling from the careful, precise language of the first couple of pages that these authors probably have had a lot of experience with just exactly these things. And I very much hope that they continue to write until their real, true truth shines through in the way that it deserves to. That will very much be a book worth reading.