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Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #4

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #4 - Tom Neely, Keenan Keller, Noah Van Sciver Not totally a four star zine, so lemme explain. Issue 4 of a 4 part series, it begins with the final chapter of a genuine 4 part story. A really good story, each chapter able to stand alone yet forming a coherent whole. And this chapter especially was laugh out loud funny.

Story 2 is short, plotless, poorly drawn, and interest-free. If it didn't appear in a H&G zine I guess it could be taken as a vicious parody, and maybe it still is. I don't know. I thought it was stupid.

Story 3 is similar to 2 except it's twice the length and appears to also be a Star Wars parody. It claims to be chapter 4 of 5 and references past chapters freely. They do not exist, nor will chapter 5. The art is so shoddy that things have to be labeled, which, again, could be intention self-parody, but with all the other forms of parody going on here it just fell flat.

So that's three stars, all of them for the first story. But it wraps up with an awesome single panel cartoon by Neely (artist of the one good story), and an additional hilarious comic on the back, so I threw it a fourth star. But that whole middle section showed a distressing lack of quality and effort, given the consistency that the other three zines in the series were able to maintain throughout.