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Rascal - Sterling North One of my great childhood favorites, the true story of a boy and his raccoon (and dog and cats and skunks etc) where no animals die. The worst that can be said of young Sterling is that he shouldn't have let his dog dig out the raccoon den, nor taken one of the kittens to raise. But it was 1916 and he was 11 years old. These things happened.

What makes it especially worthy of recommendation is the outdoor place-porn of WWI era Wisconsin, and Sterling's remarkable knowledge of the area's nineteenth century history. It would be enough to see the lakes and forests through his 1916 eyes, but he adds onto it with stories of his father's and grandfather's memories, making a virtual fantasy land of what in other hands would just be trees and water.

And, again, no one dies. Truly a remarkable attribute for what is generally considered a book for kids.