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Elementals - Michael McDowell The Elementals is a true suspense/horror novel with more questions than answers, as is usual with McDowell, but he does give a little more satisfaction at the end than I'm used to. It's hard to say anything about the story without giving too much away, just read it if you love haunted houses, excellent writing, and mean old women getting what they deserve. Bonus points for a kickass teenage girl who does some stuff that's pretty much all spoilers.

One thing made the book a bit difficult in the beginning is the fact that the characters all refer to each other by they first names regardless of their relationships, and the families have intermarried. I'd have liked a quick family tree but we can't have everything.

For others like me, here's the rundown: Big Barbara McCray is the mother of Leigh and Luker, who is the father of India. Marian Savage is the mother of Darnley (deceased), Mary-Scot (nun), and Daughin Savage, who is married to Leigh Savage, nee McCray.

Now run right out and read this fabulous piece of awesome. Outside, in the bright sunlight. And not on the beach.