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Some Words Not Totally About A Book That's Not At All About A Dog

From Baghdad To America: Life Lessons from a Dog Named Lava - Lt. Col. Usmc (ret.) Jay Kopelman

Don't be fooled, this book isn't really about a dog. It's about the weirdly defensive Marine who brought him home from Iraq and how that Marine is better than a: everyone who's never been in combat because we all watch reality tv and drive SUVs, apparently; and b: everyone else, because reasons. Although he, the Marine, has PTSD and hates therapy, he seems to be advising therapy for all other service members. Probably because he's so much better than they are, if he's aware that he needs help, they must already be on a ledge somewhere.


Anyway, there was a dog involved. But he already wrote a book about the dog, so maybe read that one. I don't know if it's better, I haven't read it. I just know that, other than a few pages about Lava getting hit by a car because Lt. Col. BTE apparently couldn't afford a leash to walk a skittish dog that was literally in a war zone three days ago* this is just another book about some dude's ego, packaged to sell with a cute puppy on the cover.


*Really. He took Lava out for a walk with no leash ON PURPOSE. Then chased the dog into the street when he bolted. And then made all kinds of misogynist assumptions about the woman who hit the dog. Because it was clearly all her fault, seeing as how she was driving an SUV and had obviously never been in combat. If she had been she'd be a better person, driving a smaller car or chasing dogs into the street herself. Or something like that.